In this article, I have made a how-to video on how to make an inexpensive wood polish that you can use for your kitchen wood products, including cabinets, counters, wooden spoons, and cutting boards.

It is also useful around the house on all kinds of surfaces requiring polish, even leather boots.

To make you will need a double boiler set up for heating the different ingredients and take caution as they are flammable. Use food-grade ingredients so your health is protected.

It’s fun and easy to follow the simple steps in the video to make economical wood polish. Use it often to keep your things looking and smelling their best!

Generally, I suggest approximately 1/3 beeswax and 2/3rds food grade oil ( I use coconut oil) and also add a fragrance that suits you. I use orange oil concentrate in this formula.

Experiment with your favorite scents. Until August 30, 2020 I am offering a free sample to anyone who does the following.

1. Watch my other videos on this channel and comment here at this video telling which one is your favorite video.

2. Also , tell us in the comments which part you liked best and why.

3. Send me an email at with a request for a sample along with your name and address.

Tell me which comment you made and I will send you a sample. Expect it to take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

I will try to send them out once a week. I wish to thank all of you for your ongoing support.

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